Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The intentional delivery and irrational fear of Ebola.

It's been 8 months now. With over 7 BILLION people on Earth, only about 10,000 have been infected with Ebola, fewer than 5,000 have died, and fewer than 20 outside of Africa have been infected. This IN SPITE of the reckless, irresponsible, REPEATED, ONGOING and COMMERCIALLY MOTIVATED attempts to deliver Ebola to America and other developed countries.

Those who stand to profit from widespread vaccinations, massive government purchases, HazMat sales, medical testing, and treatment of all the false alarm-tummy aches and runny noses WANT Ebola in America. They WANT Ebola to go global.

Those involved in the INTENTIONAL Ebola deliveries outside of Africa and others who stand to profit are doing everything they can to prevent flight banning and mandatory quarantines. Their pawns, like Dr Craig Spencer and Kaci Hickox, whether complicit or incredibly stupid, have succeeded in spreading the Ebola fear necessary to drive those Ebola profits and transfer those Ebola fortunes. It has become painfully obvious that this is no accident.

I don't know how many people so far have been directly involved in the INTENTIONAL Ebola delivery to America and the First World but I am convinced that it must be at least two so far, who have had access to Ebola body fluids. My guess is that several more, at the very least, have been involved in the planning of Ebola deliveries. Of course, THOUSANDS have been involved in the ORGANIZED EFFORTS to spread the OUTRAGEOUS and IRRATIONAL fear of Ebola throughout America and the developed world. CH'CHING!

Ebola does not stand a chance in hell to become a pandemic in ANY developed country. Easy access to clean water, indoor plumbing, and modern sanitation practices alone are enough to ensure it's utter failure to do so.

Unfortunately, the FEAR of Ebola is costing hundreds of thousands or possibly MILLIONS, of drug and doctor MORONS throughout America and the developed world more money as we type. It has almost certainly caused a few heart attacks, car accidents, lost jobs, ect. It most likely has caused a number of deaths. Not Ebola but the irrational fear of Ebola.

It will continue to wreak havoc until the people of America and the developed world calm down and GET A FUCKING GRIP ON REALITY. THEY ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE MAULED BY RABID WARTHOGS.

Fewer than one out of every 500,000 Americans will fall to Ebola. In all likelihood, A WHOLE GOD DAMN LOT FEWER.

In the meantime, every single person to be tested for Ebola in America should be investigated for ties to any of the pharmaceutical/biotech companies standing to profit from Ebola delivery or it's irrational fear. Those very, very, VERY FEW who test positive in America should be investigated as possible victims of commercially motivated infection. They should be investigated not only for recent contacts with actual Ebola victims but also for recent contacts, relation, or ties of any kind with anyone who had access to Ebola body fluid.